Workshop Presentations for Friday May 17, 2013

Christine KlingAlthough she was born in Missoula, Montana, Christine Kling grew up in Southern California in the 1960's, which meant that beaches and water were a constant part of her life. She was not yet a teenager when she first took the helm of a boat on the waters of Newport Harbor. She was hooked. She attended several different schools in the US and elsewhere before finally getting her first college degree. Early on she wrote and published magazine stories about her adventures, including riding a bicycle 1,000 miles down the newly opened Baja California highway and crewing on a 44-foot sailboat throughout the islands of the South Pacific to New Zealand.

In 1993, Christine started her first novel, Surface Tension. In 2005, while working on the fourth novel in her Seychelle Sullivan series, Christine bought her own sailboat, a Caliber 33, and renamed the boat Talespinner.  In 2011, she retired from her position as an  English professor at Broward College to write and cruise full-time aboard Talespinner with her new pup, Barney, an 11-pound Yorkshire Terror.

Christine recently got the rights back to the four Seychelle Sullivan suspense books which are all now available as individual e-books on Amazon and as a boxed set for Nook or Kobo. Most recently, she has been at work on a new adventurer thriller featuring a pair of new characters: Riley, a female former Marine, now single-handing her forty-foot sailboat in the Caribbean, and Cole Thatcher, a maritime archeologist searching for the wreck of a World War II French submarine, the SURCOUF, that went missing in 1942. The new book is titled Circle of Bones and it is now available as an original e-book for the Kindle and a print version is for sale on Amazon, as well. 
Friday May 17, 2013  3:30 - 5:00                          

Gordon Mckinney Gordon McKinney, Professor Emeritus of History and retired director of the Appalachian Center at Berea College is the author of numerous articles on Appalachian history and issues. He has made significant contributions to our understanding of Appalachia and the Civil War through such books as Zeb Vance: North Carolina's Civil War Governor and Gilded Age Political Leader (2004). Over the years, McKinney has been actively engaged in Appalachian preservation and history as an editor, speaker, and consultant. He has received accolades, grants, and awards from numerous historical preservation institutions, such as the Appalachian College Association, Appalachian Regional Commission, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Gordon now lives in Asheville.
Friday May 17, 2013 1:30 - 3:00


Chris Hartley Chris J. Hartley has worked in marketing and communications for several large companies. On the side, he chases the history that has fascinated him since childhood. Chris's first book, Stuart's Tarheels: James B. Gordon and his North Carolina Cavalry, was described in the 2006 survey In Taller Cotton: 200 More Important Confederate Books for the Reader, Researcher, and Collector as a "thoroughly researched, definitive" and "intelligently written" biography of a Civil War general. Hartley was also honored with the Jefferson Davis award by the United Daughters of the Confederacy for his work on Stuart's Tarheels.
Chris is also a frequent speaker on the Civil War, and he has written several articles on the Civil War and other topics. He lives in Pfafftown, North Carolina.
Friday May 17, 2013 1:30 - 3:00



Children's Readers for Saturday May 18, 2013


Loretta Hayward Loretta Hayward and her family run the Garden Gate Rabbit Park on the banks of Durbin Creek in upstate South Carolina. At Garden Gate, the Haywards raise rabbits of many breeds and at times have had as many as 130 bunnies in their Park. They sell rabbits and promote rabbit husbandry, and they invite visitors to come see and enjoy their animals. Loretta Hayward and her family also travel with their rabbits to various events upon invitation and special appointment.  They share their excitement & joy of raising & showing rabbits with a variety of audiences! Loretta is an experienced teacher, author, illustrator/photographer and public speaker, as well as an accomplished author. The three books in her On the Banks of Durbin Creek series spark children's imagination and delight their senses. Reading 1:00 TECH Building


Scottie Cohn Scotti Cohn (pronounced "cone") was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. She has been writing poetry and fiction almost since she learned the alphabet. Her first major opus was a joint project with a friend in fourth grade. They wrote a sequel to 101 Dalmatians and sent it to Walt Disney Studios. Disney rejected the manuscript, but the young authors received a very kind letter from Walt Disney's secretary. Scotti continued to write stories, poems, and "novels" as she grew up. She attended St. Olaf College and Macalester College (both in Minnesota), and graduated from the latter with a double-major in English and Russian. She lived in North Carolina for 25 years and in Bloomington, Illinois, for 10 years, and now lives in Pendleton, South Carolina. Besides writing her own books, most of them for young readers, Scotti has worked as a technical editor for a bank holding company, an educational software purchasing agent, a legal secretary, an advertising executive, and a copy editor for nursing textbooks.   Reading 10:00 - Kid's Corner